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Special occasion makeup can include anything from a night out on the town through to birthday parties, formals or bridal makeup. The makeup service can be done at the salon or mobile so that Vivianne can provide the convenience of coming to you in your home, hotel suite, hair salon (where arranged prior with the salon owner), or function area.

For wedding and formal bookings,  Vivianne has a team of qualified Makeup Artist assistants.
For bridal, formal or special occasion makeup Vivianne also offer makeup trial at the salon. Free Consultation is also available.

For more information about Wedding Makeup and Hair  please visit Vivianne main Wedding website at Simply Elegant Beauty

Vivianne Makeup services are available to clients of all ages and backgrounds and are suitable for photography work such as glamour portraits, casting photos and portfolio photographs.

This service can be done at the salon or mobile so Vivainne can come to you at your home, hotel suite, photography studio, or on location. Vivianne is also available to stay throughout the photography shoots to complete touch ups or a change of makeup, if so desired.

Vivianne is capable of creating all desired looks, from a soft and subtle natural look through to the highest level of glitz and glam. The glamour makeup services can be altered to match your desired look and Vivainne devotes considerable time to speaking with you about your makeup visions before she commences to ensure you are pleased with the services and get the best possible photos from your shoot. If Required, Vivianne can also provide hairstyling services in addition to the Glamour Makeup Service.

Vivianne is available for high fashion makeups, often desirable for runway shows or in magazine work. The fashion makeup can be tailored to complement specific locations, hairstyles, or fashion trends, and can be as standard or wild as you require.

Vivianne is available to stay throughout photography shoots or runway shows to do backstage makeup changes or touch-ups, and has experience in completing quick transformations between looks, often changing the models looks within minutes.

Viviane is also available to complete makeup artistry services for various types of advertising, including print work and television commercials. These services can be booked for a full day, half day, per hour, or per face. This service can include basic natural makeup as seen in many commercials, through to high fashion makeup or special effects. Vivianne is available for in studio or on location work in this sector of the industry.

Video clips are another sector that can often require innovative makeup artistry work. As with commercial work, Vivianne can be hired for a full day, half day, hourly, or per face for work in video clips. Vivianne has worked in many different styles of video clips and understands that these clips are designed to enhance the musical creation.

Vivianne is trained in the specific application methods required to counteract the strong lighting and other factors used in theatrical productions, and has also worked extensively in creating special occasion looks such as period makeup, gothic or fantasy makeup. Due to Vivianne artistically related background Viviane is also able to help in the creative design process for your desired look and work with you to bring your idea to life.

Vivianne’s specific diploma course was aimed primarily at the film & television industry. As with the film industry she has gained valuable skills regarding the application and maintenance of television makeup, as well as relevant practices such as script breakdowns and on set protocol and procedures.

Vivianne is also completely capable in related tasks such as completing script and character breakdowns, deciphering shooting schedules and call sheets, and keeping records such as department time sheets, continuity records and product inventories.

Vivianne has trained in many espects of special effect makeup and prosthetics. These ranged from basic special effects such as bruising and scars, through to more advanced specialties such as the design and application of facial hair, cuts, disease, burns, bullet wounds and other extreme injuries.
Vivianne is also knowledgeable in all correct application to apply prosthetic pieces and removal methods for the prosthetics, which minimises the chances of any skin irritation or reaction that may be caused and ensures a well applied piece.

Airbrushing is a technique used to give a flawless look to the skin, which is often implemented during editorial makeup artistry services. This application involves a liquid foundation being pressure pumped through a small air forced gun and leaving a mist of product on the surface of the face. Through her studies at Vivianne has gained competency in this service and can happily provide this application method when it is preferred. Her airbrushing techniques can also be applied to body painting to create a stunning work of art which visually differs from that of a hand painted design.

Vivianne is also able to provide body painting services, and has experience in painting using a sponge, paintbrush or airbrush, and implementing freehand or stencil application methods.

Services offer: Children, Teenage and Adult Parties, Corporate Functions and Events.

Vivianne is also available to give makeup lessons, which can be conducted at the salon or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Lessons can be custom designed to cover the areas of makeup application that suit you best, from perfecting basic day makeup, through to creating high fashion looks for special events or nights out on the town.

The lessons will cover choosing the best products for your skin and tools for applying them, as well as some tricks of the trade and industry secrets.

The makeup sessions can include demonstration and the opportunity to have a try using Vivianne’s products, or can consist of demonstration only, depending on your personal preference.

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