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The Importance of Bridal Makeup

I know this may be hard to believe, but your bridal makeup will be one of the biggest compliments to your wedding day, so it is important for you to look absolutely stunning. If you’re like the majority of women, you’ve been buying bridal magazines ever since you were a little girl, and probably have most of them stacked underneath your bed. Remember when you daydreamed about what your wedding decorations would look like, or what bridesmaid dresses you would select for your “big day”? What about how handsome your groom would look in his tailored tuxedo, or how your wedding dress would deem you the princess of all princesses? Those were some exciting fantasies, weren’t they?

Now your wedding day is fast-approaching, and you’re overwhelmed about all the decisions you have to make. You’ve spent tons of time deciding on a reception hall, searching for the perfect pair of shoes, finding a photographer, choosing a caterer, selecting the perfect hairstyle, but have you thought about your wedding makeup? Just in case you believe that it’s a very mediocre aspect to decide on, let me share one very important idea with you. Your family and friends will attend your wedding, dance to your music, and eat your food all within a matter of hours, but your wedding photographs will last a lifetime.

Don’t skimp on finding the perfect look because you’re overly concerned with what appetizers to serve your guests – they forget about that stuff anyway. When you get those pictures out of your closet 25 years from now, you still want to believe that you were the most beautiful thing that ever graced the earth on that day. You completely deserve it, considering the amount of effort it took to have a beautiful wedding. This is the ultimate celebration of love between you and your soon-to-be husband, and you want to look as stunning as possible. Congratulations!

What is the benefit of Airbrush Makeup?

It provides a flawless coverage by minimising skin perfections while giving your skin a beautiful natural finish look results.  Its beautiful natural finished looking results.  Its water resistant and will last up to twelve hours or more.

How does it feel?

Airbrush Makeup feel exceptionally lightweight.  Feel as they’re not wearing makeup.

Is Airbrush Makeup suitable for everyone?

Yes, is suits everyone skin condition, it’s hypoallergenic and fragrance free.  Airbrush Makeup offers ‘High Definition’ coverage which is highly recommended for photography makeup, particular weddings.